Our Wine

Bryant Vineyard is Alabama's Oldest Continually Operating Winery. We proudly produce several Award-winning Muscadine Wines. Our vines are planted on land that has been in our family since the mid-1800s. Overlooking one of Alabama's most beautiful lakes, our first grapevines were planted in 1965, and today produce some of the most flavorful, aromatic, and delicious wines available anywhere.

Proudly presenting our current selections:

Dixie Gold
2014 Gold Medal Winner at the world's largest charitable wine competition. A blend of Carlos, Magnolia, and other muscadine grapes. Fresh, tangy, and fruity.
Dixie Blush
2014 Silver Medal Winner at the world's largest charitable wine competition. An incredible Creek muscadine Rosé. Intense aroma leaps from the glass. Semi-dry, long finish. A connoisseur favorite -- one sniff and you'll be hooked.
Autumn Blush
Our delicious blended muscadine Rosé.
Festive Red
A fruity, semi-dry red muscadine wine. Luxurious, lingering flavor. Delicious, saturated grapey depth. An excellent dinner wine.
Peach Wine
A sweet, aromatic, punchy treat. Overflowing with candied peach flavors. A perfect gift wine.

Visit Us

We are located directly on beautiful Lake Logan Martin in east central Alabama, approximately 30 miles east of Birmingham and 100 miles west of Atlanta. The winery address is 1454 Griffitt Bend Rd, Talladega, AL 35160.

Please join us for a complimentary wine tasting, or to pick your own fresh fruits or vegetables (including our incredible Ghost Chili Peppers -- recently rated the World's Hottest Pepper!). Also feel free to call or email ahead if you will be in the area outside our open hours, and we'll do our best to accomodate your trip.

We are open to the public 10am - 5pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday
...and other days by appointment.

Note: Your GPS device may not route you to our exact location when using our address. However, it should get you close, just make sure to look for our large sign and driveway on Griffitt Bend Rd.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a muscadine? Muscadine grapes are grown on a grapevine native to the Southern region of North America. They have thicker skins than typical table grapes, but much more intense flavors. There are many varieties of muscadines, and their appearance ranges from green to bronze to purple to dark red, in many different sizes. Muscadines can be eaten fresh, and are often made into wine, juice, and jelly. How do muscadine wines taste compared to other typical grape wines? Muscadine berries have an intense fruity taste, balanced sweetness, and aroma. This can yield wine with more exciting flavors and aromas than the grape varietals you may be used to. You can expect a refreshing, crisp, and balanced semi-sweet profile from our white wines, and a rich, full-bodied grape fruit flavor from our red wine. Our seasonal varieties such as peach or blueberry wines each have their own unique flavor profile. What makes muscadine wine special? Aside from the delicious flavors and aromas, muscadines have been strongly linked to potential health-promoting factors, in particular due to high concentrations of the compound resveratrol. Are muscadines and scuppernongs related? The term scuppernong refers to a large, spherical, bronze type of muscadine. It is claimed that the oldest cultivated grapevine in the world is the 400 year old scuppernong "Mother Vine" growing on Roanoke Island, North Carolina! What other products are produced at the Bryant Estate? We invite you to try our fresh fruit! Pick muscadine and other grape varietals right off the vines and take a few pounds home with you. Fresh muscadines are typically sweet and ripe in September -- call or email for more information.

Also, make sure to pick some vegetables from our extensive garden, including many different varieties of peppers, including Jalapeño, Anaheim, Habanero, Joe E. Parker, and even the legendary Bhut Jolokia (also known as the Red Naga or Ghost Pepper -- recently rated as the hottest pepper in the world at over 1 million SHU on the Scoville scale!)

Our Story

Bryant Vineyard is rooted on land which has been in the family since the mid 1800's. For years the farm was owned and operated by Joseph S. Armbrester, grandfather to the Bryants, who found the Coosa Valley ideal for rearing his family and growing cotton as the main crop. Overlooking the beautiful Lake Logan Martin, Bryant Vineyard emerged from a dream in 1965 when only a few vines were planted for family jellies and wine experimentation. Then, in 1981 several varieties of European grapes along with native Alabama muscadine and scuppernong grapes were planted on approximately five acres -- the heart of today's vineyard. We have been an Alabama licensed winery since 1985, receiving the second license granted by the state.